Useful Tips For Texas Holdem

  1. Know the poker rules and hand rankings inside out.
  2. Be aware of the basic poker strategy fundamentals before you start thinking about more advanced plays. Keep the big picture in mind, always.
  3. Follow proper bankroll management guidelines: what might be proper for one could very well be inferior for others.
  4. Don’t call bets with ‘air’; at least have a strong draw or a strong plan.
  5. Don’t feel obligated to call when you know you’re beat.
  6. With fewer people in the hand you have a higher chance of winning the pot.
  7. Always try to identify your opponent’s playing style and try to adjust to that.
  8. Try not to give away any tells in your bet sizing, timing or in anything else, but don’t stress out about it either.
  9. Don’t play too many hands, but don’t play too few either. The former will probably be most costly though.
  10. Try to be patient and especially disciplined. If you know you shouldn’t make a certain play, then just don’t do it! What else would be the point of spending so much time reading up on poker strategy?
  11. Don’t draw to second best hands, they never win at showdown and you wouldn’t bluff often if at all, right?
  12. Think about the rake you pay before going all-in with the nuts on board versus a savvy enough opponent to see that.
  13. You can’t win more than your opponents’ stacks.

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